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Importance of Logo Design on Business Growth

Our business world today is such that is very competitive both for the small-medium enterprises and large-scale enterprises. The logo of any business setup is like its “facial outlook” to the world and has a very huge impact on the growth and survival of such a business setup. A banal logo design represents a poor […]
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Thinking of impressing your clients – Get a Logo

Logo is an artistic piece of art and imagination, which carries the identity of any company. Many business owners get a logo designed for their company in order to add that needed oomph factor to their marketing strategies and draw-in customers from the target market. A creative, entrancing logo can form a strong visual impact […]
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How Logo design may bring down your business

Introduction A logo is a graphic representation used by almost all the businesses and it appears on top of the company’s letterhead, marketing, communications and the companies advertising pieces. It is placed in such a way that it appears to be the first thing that the reader notices before going deep into the message of […]
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