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How Logo design may bring down your business


A logo is a graphic representation used by almost all the businesses and it appears on top of the company’s letterhead, marketing, communications and the companies advertising pieces. It is placed in such a way that it appears to be the first thing that the reader notices before going deep into the message of the text.

The primary function of the logo is to create an identity for a brand and it also serves to inspire, recognize and also make the customers to admire the products of the business. It must be simple in appearance, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate and it must also make the target audience like to associate with the company’s business.

Types of logos

There are generally four types of logos namely illustrated, symbolic, textual and finally a combination of the three types of the logos. The textual logos tend to use words that are recognized by the customers as the company’s logo. The fonts used in writing the words are always unique in their shapes and the sizes. Secondly, illustrated logos refer to the logos that appear in form of an illustration. Thirdly, the symbolic types of logos are always abstract in their design and are used well in the international platform like in the case of the Adidas swoosh. The forth type of logos is the combination logos that mixes the other three logo types to form one logo like the one used by FedEx.

Logo Design

Most frequently, the design of the logo tends to associate with the business with which it serves and represents. The color of the logo is preferred to be bold and it must catch the eye of the intended customers of the company. The logo must be included in each and every material that carries the name of the business.

Significance of the business logo

A perfect logo drawing displays the overall concentration of the business. It tends to show a business that is positive in nature, stable and reliable. It promotes the understanding of the entity and also allows it to stand out from its competitors. The logo displays the services and the values of the business in the form of a good memorable visual image. Lastly, the company logo must invoke the suitable feelings about the products or the services that are produced by the company.


It is always very hard to come up with a simple and yet a strong logo to put into advertising billboards. Complex logo designs may sometimes work on a grand scale, but they may contain a lot of details that are made for a small display. It is also equally hard to come up with a timeless logo that will be in a position to communicate the company’s business brand for a period lasting for more than 20 years from the time of its creation. For a business to come up with the appropriate logo, it must be willing to invest heavily and use the services of experienced designers who will design their logo.

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